Environmental Risk

Our environmental specialists work closely with you to develop a process that suits your  company and objectives, from modelling and reporting to liaising with stakeholders and local communities.

Regulatory Compliance

Our expertise spans the full breadth of safety and environment regulations. We ensure business management systems are structured to achieve sustainable legal compliance, and give pragmatic advice tailored to your company’s unique set-up.

Source Pathway Receptor Risk Assessment

Our structured methodology has been developed in-line with industry guidance, meets current industry and regulator expectations and focuses on being clear and easy-to-follow. It helps provide key insights to feed into contingency planning and other risk management aspects.

Planning & new developments

We have significant experience of ‘joining up’ the  many elements involved in planning. Our team manages business risk such  as schedule delays and permitting gaps, and ensures that consistent messages are communicated to regulators and stakeholders.

Climate Change Adaption

Our specialist team is fully up-to-date with regards to expectations in this field. We provide risk and vulnerability assessment, and identify future and potential adaptation options.