Business Risk Management

Our role is to help you to understand the hazards and threats facing you from a business risk perspective, some of which may not be obvious. We will build up a clear picture of the risk and help you to focus your efforts in the right places.

Leadership in Process Safety

Our leadership training and coaching illustrates how process safety leadership is crucial in successful process safety management. We work with leaders to ensure the right tools are used to understand and manage process safety risk through strategic decision making within their business.

Ethical Business

Do you know how much information about your business is currently in the public domain? Is it being managed? We look at business risk from the perspective of your wider corporate and social responsibilities. This isn’t public relations; it’s a smart management approach that ultimately focuses on your licence to operate.

Change Management

If change is well managed and understood, it can ensure a sustainable future for stakeholders and be an opportunity for learning and improvement. We help you to identify the risks involved in change, and devise means to avoid or manage them.

Stakeholder Engagement

Developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders based on trust and honesty makes business sense. We help you to build good relationships with stakeholders or manage existing ones by identifying issues and managing risk.